LoudSpeak'r (BTS01) Software Update

This software update is for the BTS01 LoudSpeak’r Bluetooth speaker in black or white colors.

With this update we have patched a couple of small bugs including some reports of issues with pairing multiple devices.

Note: A computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 is required to run this software update for the LoudSpeak’r. Total time to update your speaker should be approximately 5-10 minutes.

Instructions to install the updated software:

1)      Download the program from the following link: Loudspeak’r.exe

2)      Once downloaded, locate the file LoudSpeak’r.exe on your computer and double click to run the program.

3)      You may receive a prompt asking you to install “Microsoft Visual C++ 2005”. Please click INSTALL and then click YES.

4)      Wait while the package installs. This may take about 1 minute.

5)      You will then receive another prompt titled “Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for LoudSpeak’r”. Click NEXT.

6)      On the following screen click INSTALL, and if prompted to, click YES.

7)      Wait while the installation begins. This may take 30 seconds, and you may be prompted with another pop-up screen. If so, please click YES.

8)      Installation will finish and you will be prompted with a final screen.

9)      Check the box that says “Launch the program” and click FINISH.

10)   When prompted by User Account Control click YES.

11)   Your computer is now ready to install the update to your speaker. Please have your LoudSpeak’r available and follow the on-screen instructions that the program displays for you.

12)   If you have any questions please email product support.